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Welcome to the June edition of UV-Guard Australia's company newsletter. Take advantage of this year's small business tax break, read up on the development of our new P-Series system and see how California are managing the drought.

Small Businesses - $20,000 Tax write-offs

If you have been contemplating the purchase of a water treatment system from UV-Guard, now would be the time to act. Take advantage of the tax write-off, purchase a system today. Chemical free disinfection for:

  • Food and beverage processes – bottled water, beer, wine, soft drinks, ice making and more
  • Swimming pool chloramine management
  • Pharmaceutical production processes
  • Nurseries for protection against Pythium, Phytophthora and other horticultural risks
  • Warm water system legionella control
  • Drinking water E.coli protection
  • Rainwater tank Cryptosporidium and Giardia safeguarding
  • ...any other process where disinfection is required

The new UVG P-Series

After a number of months in careful development, we are at the final stages of performance testing our new UVG P-Series of systems.

The P-Series is aimed at the aquaculture market, with systems able to meet the demands of both domestic and commercial applications. It will be able to be used in sea water applications or other application where Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are high.

The new P-Series will be able to be used with our new PLC controllers.

P-Series single lamped reactors will be released initially with multiple lamp models being released soon after. Keep an eye out for more news in the coming months.

Keep an eye out for more news in the coming months.

UV Disinfection in Californian "Toilet-to-tap" programme

California's continuing drought has triggered governors to seek alternative water saving measures, the latest being a "toilet-to-tap" programme.

The programme may be hard to swallow for Californian residents, but officials hope that an existing Orange County treatment plant can serve as a success story.

Mike Markus – Orange County Water District general manager said "We can produce the water for less than the cost of imported water,"

In order to sufficiently purify the wastewater, microfiltration followed by UV disinfection and hydrogen peroxide dosing is used.

The use of UV disinfection for provision of safe water will play a vital role as variable climates increase across the world.

For more on this story, follow this link.

Final thought

UV-Guard have provided complete UV purification systems for wastewater plants. Our relationship with Swiss company Aquafides allows us to provide validated UV systems which is often a requirement in municipal applications.

We also supply a number of local authorities with spare parts required for their existing channel and reactor UV disinfection systems.

Contact us today for feedback, water treatment advice and product enquiries.

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