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Welcome to the July edition of UV-Guard Australia's company newsletter. WaterMark recertification achieved, UV-Guard's point of difference and UV-Guard's mention in the AWA July Water Journal.

UV-Guard's WaterMark recertification

We are pleased to announce that our SLT, S and X-Series of systems have been recertified according to the WaterMark Level 1 accreditation scheme.

WaterMark certification is a requirement documented within The Plumbing and Drainage Code Australia. Its purpose is to provide a consistent national approach to plumbing product approvals.

As part of the approval process, products must meet strict standards for:

  • Materials used for the product.
  • Design specifics
  • Performance and functionality
  • Durability
  • Installation instructions

The accreditation comes as a result of 16 weeks of product testing, manufacturer auditing and material assessments by the ISC, AMS Laboratories and CSIRO.

The WaterMark certification scheme provides its own quality assurance, guaranteeing quality of materials and manufacturing processes whilst validating our systems safe for use.

Our customers can take peace of mind that our products are of a superior quality and will provide them with safe, treated water.

Click here to see our certification document in full.

UV-Guard – Our point of difference

We are proud of our products and the service we provide to our customers and we believe that we are different from other water treatment companies.

There are a number of water treatment providers available who do not fully understand how UV disinfection systems should be specified. Some do not take into consideration the UV dose that will be achieved by a certain system, instead they specify based on the peak flow rate a reactor can achieve, no matter what micro-organism needs to be targeted or the specific log reduction required to safeguard water supplies.

Here are some points that set UV-Guard apart:

  • WaterMark certified UV systems
  • 316 grade stainless steel reactors
  • Australian made controllers
  • Qualified engineers
  • Each system individually specified to suit project and customer needs
  • Pre-design consulting both onsite and desktop
  • In house UV Transmittance (UVT) laboratory
  • Unmatched service and technical support
  • Experienced service technicians

Here's what one customer has to say about UV-Guard:

"I would recommend UV-Guard as a supplier of quality, dependable UV equipment with excellent back up service and support. The UV-Guard equipment is an integral part of our Quality Management System and HACCP program to ensure a safe, quality product is continuously produced in our bottling plants."

Bruce Taylor – National Technical Manager of Nu-Pure Beverages

In the News

Our PLC controller has been mentioned in AWA's Water journal for July. See the publication here.

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