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In this month's edition we give you an insight into one of our recent projects along with UV-Guard and industry media releases.

Latest projects

UV-Guard recently installed a UV system to control Legionella at an aged care facility in Sydney that accommodates up to 78 people. The main aim of this system was to provide safe warm water for showers, hand basins and baths. Because warm water systems are re-circulatory systems, once the Legionella bacteria enters, it will stay within the system unless removed or controlled.

The UV system specified for this particular case was installed on the outgoing plumbing infrastructure from the warm water tank. This was the closest point to where the warm water would be used by the occupants, without installing multiple UV units on all fittings.

UV intensity monitoring was provided on the system to ensure that the design UV dose was being achieved at all times. This means that if the design UV dose was in danger of not being achieved, the UV intensity monitor would send a signal to the controller and the nursing home's building management system would be notified, allowing staff to attend to the system and determine the cause of the problem.

Recommendations were also made to undertake regular water sampling and testing of Legionella within the warm water system at a number of key points to add further confidence that the warm water was bacteria free.

UV-Guard In the News

UV-Guard were recently featured on the Sustainability Matters website giving advice on how UV water treatment can control Legionella. You can read the article here.

Industry News

Use of UV on the rise around the world

A new report has found that the global UV disinfection equipment market is set to rapidly expand in the coming years as worldwide rising urbanisation has increased pollution levels giving rise to health concerns among the global population. To address such problems and to ensure improved sanitation and healthy living conditions, governments all over the world are switching from chlorine-based disinfection systems to UV-based disinfection, hence driving demand for UV disinfection equipment market.

UV used to control cryptosporidium outbreak

Portable UV units have been bought in to help kill off cryptosporidium which has been found in drinking water in Lancashire in the UK. Residents were asked to boil drinking water for several weeks while the contaminated water was treated and flushed through the system.

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