Newsletter – October 2015

In this month’s edition we remind all our customers to make preparations to perform maintenance during the holiday shutdown in December. We also launch our new website and feature our SLF-Series in a rural drinking water application.


Reminder – End of Year Maintenance

With just over two months until the December holiday period, now is the time to start planning the shutdown and maintenance of your UV treatment systems.

In order to protect your water, product and processes from bacterial contamination, and to ensure your systems are operating at optimal disinfection performance, it’s important to:

Inspect controller for warnings - It is important to inspect all indicators on the UV controller. This includes the hour run meter, lamp on/off lights and UV intensity monitor if applicable. If there are any operational problems, the indicators will identify the source.

Replace UV lamps annually - UV output reduces over time. Your UV lamp may still be on after one year but it will not be emitting the required UV intensity to provide adequate protection against pathogens. Powder free nitrile gloves (or similar) must be worn when handling UV lamps to prevent finger prints from impacting on the UV light's ability to penetrate the liquid.

Remove, inspect & clean or replace Quartz Thimbles/Sleeves – this should be done once a year as a minimum. Depending on the application and the condition of the water being treated, a maintenance regime should include inspection of the quartz at regular intervals throughout the year. Quartz should be replaced every 2 years. A dirty or fouled quartz will result in a reduced UV output being able to penetrate the liquid. Quartz should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or diluted Hydrochloric acid (H&S guidelines must be followed). Powder free nitrile gloves (or similar) must be worn when handling quartz to prevent finger prints from impacting on the UV light's ability to penetrate the liquid.

Replace O-Rings annually – this will prevent any leaks from occurring during operation.

Clean and calibrate UV Intensity sensor – use an alcohol wipe to remove any dirt or fouling from the UV intensity sensor lens. Be sure to recalibrate the UV sensor when new UV lamps are installed. This will ensure that UV intensity readings present an accurate representation of performance.

Find details on how to service UV-Guard's own systems, download our operation and maintenance manuals here.

Contact us today to order your spare parts including:

• UV Lamps (details of popular lamps found here)

• Quartz Thimbles/Sleeves & O-rings

• Electronic Ballasts

• UV Sensors

• All other UV system spares

We stock spare parts for all major UV brands and models!


New UV-Guard Website Now Live

UV-Guard’s new website is now live. Here are some of the new site’s features:

• Browse our UV Disinfection Systems

• See how our UV systems can be used in a number of applications

• Read case studies about our products & customers

• View details of our most popular UV lamps

• Learn all about UV disinfection in the knowledge centre

The website will be updated continuously with new product lines, media releases and knowledge centre content so be sure to keep up to date.


UV-Guard in the News

UV-Guard’s SLF-Series was recently featured in  Sustainability Matters and Farming Ahead publications.

The SLF-Series is a combined filtration and UV disinfection system which makes it ideal for installation on rainwater tanks to safeguard drinking water supplies in rural areas.


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