Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2016, Happy New Year!

This month’s edition focuses on an ABC publication warning of the rise of Cryptosporidium in swimming pools, looks at a recent solar power project, informs you of our new indoor controller for high powered UV systems and touches on a recent article involving UV-Guard.


Parasite spike linked to swimming pools

The ABC have published an article reporting on the increase of Cryptosporidium being contracted in South Australian swimming pools. In 2015 there were 10 times more cases reported in comparison to 2007.

Cryptosporidium is resistant to the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools but the parasite can be destroyed using UV disinfection.

To read the article in full, visit the ABC page here: www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-29/diarrhoea-warning-connected-to-sa-swimming-pools/7058278

UV-Guard have UV disinfection systems suitable for all aquatic applications including domestic and commercial swimming pools and spas.


UV-Guard supports solar powered water treatment integrator

We recently provided a UV disinfection system to form part of a small scale solar powered water purification unit.

The water purification system was designed and manufactured by a Sydney based water treatment system integrator who specialise in innovative portable solutions for remote communities.

The UVG S30 UV disinfection system combined with our 12V DC electronic ballast was selected. The 12V DC electronic ballast provides power efficiency and is ideal in solar power applications. 


UV-Guard release new Indoor controller for larger UV systems

Over the last few months we have been hard at work developing an indoor controller that can operate our larger UV disinfection systems.

UV-Guard indoor controllers for smaller UV disinfection systems (10W – 80W) have been available for some time now. However, traditionally if a larger UV system was required, only our weatherproof controllers could be offered, even if the installation was in a plant room or shed.

We can now offer an indoor controller option for our higher powered units (80W – 185W) including the SLT125, SLT172, S125, S160 and S172 models.

The development was initiated following customer feedback and we are confident that this product addition will allow our customers to better suit their project requirements.

Where the protection against rain and other harsh environmental conditions is not required, the new high power indoor controllers provide the following advantages:

• Cost effectiveness

• Small footprint

• Power conservation

For further information on this new product including pricing and functionality, contact us today.


UV-Guard in the News

UV-Guard’s message to rural communities regarding the Naegleria Fowleri amoeba was featured on the Safe To Work website recently See the article here: www.safetowork.com.au/News/Protect-your-family-from-water-borne-brain-eating


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