Welcome to the March edition. We discuss a recent Legionnaires' outbreak, talk about how UV can be used in cooling tower water treatment and provide a UV disinfection system maintenance tip.


Legionnaires’ outbreak in Sydney CBD

This week it was widely reported that four men had contracted Legionnaires’ disease. It is thought that the disease was contracted near the Town Hall area of the CBD in Sydney and the source is believed to be from air conditioning systems.

Cooling towers form part of air conditioning systems where water is used in a heat exchanging process. Due to the nature of this process with water being heated, ideal environments for Legionella bacteria are created. Legionnaires’ disease can be contracted via water droplets in the air which may have occurred near Town Hall.

Cooling towers are not only used in air conditioning processes. They are also used in many industrial applications.

Water treatment programs should be implemented for the effective risk management of cooling tower water systems. Biocides such as chlorine and ozone are used to control biofilms produced by pathogenic microorganisms but there are other, non-chemical methods that can be implemented such as the use of germicidal UV light.

See one of the articles in full here: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/03/09/four-sydney-men-contract-legionnaires


UV disinfection for cooling tower water

The use of UV disinfection systems for cooling tower water treatment is a cost effective method of reducing the risk of a pathogenic outbreak.

A UV disinfection system, combined with the appropriate pre filtration can be installed to treat a percentage or all of the cooling tower water recirculation flow. If treating a side stream of total flow, water will pass through the UV reactor a number of times due to the recirculation process.

Incorporating a UV disinfection treatment system into a cooling tower water loop will have the following benefits:

• Reduction in biocides required – less chemicals

• Effective against all microorganisms – unlike chlorine and other chemicals

• Reduction in maintenance – less biofilms

• Improved condenser and exchanger performance – less sediment due to UV pre filtration

UV-Guard understands the treatment systems required for cooling tower water. We can propose a complete automated cooling tower water treatment system consisting of pre filtration and UV disinfection.

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UV system maintenance tip

The following UV disinfection system maintenance tip is something that is commonly overlooked.

Where weatherproof controllers with fans are used, each time the system is serviced we recommend removing and cleaning the fan filters located on the outside of the enclosure.

Fan cooling plays a vital role in the longevity of the internal componentry of controllers such as electronic ballasts. If a fan filter is blocked, a reduced amount of air will be able to enter and exit the box resulting in an overheating electronic ballast. This will reduce electronic ballast life dramatically.

In all of our fan cooled weatherproof PLC boxes, we automate fan cooling dependent on internal enclosure temperature. The fans are only used when required, optimising energy efficiency.


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