In this edition we take a look at Sulfate-reducing bacteria, an in-flight UV disinfection application and UV-Guard's innovative UV lamp interlocking system.


UV treatment of Sulfate-reducing Bacteria (SRB)

We were recently involved in a project where SRB was the primary target microorganism to be controlled by UV disinfection.

SRB are naturally present in bore waters, sea waters and surface waters. The result of chemical reactions involving SRB can cause corrosion problems in pipelines and other industrial process infrastructures.

UV disinfection can be used to mitigate the risk of corrosion occurring by reducing the number of SRB in waters.

A relatively large UV dose of 120 mJ/cm2 is required to reduce SRB by 99.9% - a 3 log reduction.

Depending on the flow rate and water quality conditions, our UVG S, X and P-Series of systems can be utilised.


Boeing’s UV disinfection aircraft bathroom innovation

Boeing have recently been awarded for their Clean Cabin Lavatory innovation at this year’s Crystal Cabins Awards.

UV disinfection for surfaces, air and water feature heavily in their design for the control of pathogens in this compact, confined area.

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UV-Guard’s UV lamp interlocking system – improve OH&S for maintenance staff and safeguard end users 

After assessing the health and safety requirements of some of our larger customers we have developed a UV lamp interlocking system for all of UV disinfection systems.

The interlocking system prevents the UV lamp from being active unless it is securely installed within the UV reactor.

This new design feature, which is available as an option when purchasing our systems, increases safety by stopping direct UV-C light exposure to maintenance staff, end users and the general public.

If you are interested in our new UV lamp interlocking system, contact us.


UV-Guard in the News

Last month we featured in Ferret – Australia’s Manufacturing and Mining Directory. The editorial focused on UV disinfection use in swimming pools. Read the article here:


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