Welcome to the latest edition of the UVG Newsletter. We focus on another UV light application, this time in the reduction of Total Organic Carbon (TOC). We also discuss our new UVG SMS module for remote alarm notification.


Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction using UV light

Total Organic Carbon (TOC – also known as Total Oxidizable Carbon) is naturally occurring organic matter found in most municipal water supplies.

TOC is an undesired feature in ultrapure or high purity water applications as it can detrimentally impact manufacturing processes and promotes bacteria growth.

Applications where TOC is of particular concern include medical, pharmaceutical, micro-electronics and power generation.

UV light can be used in the reduction of TOC in water. This specialized treatment requires ozone producing 185nm UV lamps as opposed to the 254nm UV lamps used in standard disinfection applications.

Free radicals produced by the 184nm UV lamps act to oxidise organics into carbon dioxide and water.

UV reactors are often used in combination with other treatment processes at the final point of use, to ensure that the water is polished free of TOC. The use of UV for TOC reduction has the following advantages:

• Installed into existing or new processes with ease.

• Nothing is added to the water, high purity water standards maintained and improved.

• Provides real time treatment, no storage tanks required for large periods of contact time.

A considerably greater UV dose is required in comparison to standard UV disinfection applications, but this depends on the TOC reduction required.

UV-Guard have vast experience in the reduction of TOC using UV light. For product selection enquires, get in touch with our water treatment engineers.


UV-Guard develops SMS module

There are increasing requirements for operations staff to be able to manage the performance of their assets remotely.

After receiving a number of requests from our customers for a remote monitoring function on our UV systems, we have developed the UVG SMS module.

The UVG SMS module is integrated into our weatherproof PLCs and alerts the mobile devices of maintenance staff or facility operators via SMS with UV system status descriptions. This means that it is available for all of our systems.

Status alerts include lamp failures, low UV intensity readings, power failures, end of lamp life and system operation initialisation.

We have installed this new product enhancement into nursing homes and mining camps so far.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about it;

“UV-Guard worked with us to develop a solution that could be remotely monitored. The new UV unit is installed on the roof and so audible fault alarms would not work and we didn’t want to run long lengths of cable to our building management system. The SMS module allows us to only attend to the UV system when required, meaning we can focus on other tasks without the need of checking up on the UV system.”

For more information on this new product, get in touch.


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