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Hi and welcome to February's edition of UV-Guard Australia's company newsletter. We have had a busy new year with a strong focus on partnerships and increasing our footprint.

Red Orange Industry - UVG in Europe

UV-Guard Australia have joined forces with Holland based Red Orange Industry (RO-I). RO-I is the leading technical supplier of equipment to a number of commercial industries including marine/offshore oil and gas throughout Europe.

RO-I's CEO - Rick Leusenkamp, is excited by the business partnership highlighting RO-I's opportunity in their marine division.

UV-Guard Australia have hit the ground running for RO-I's customer's, already proposing a number of water treatment systems to suit. From this we expect the EU to be a hotspot in 2015.

"We are excited about this new relationship and the varied projects we are working on, welcome to the team Red Orange Industry." - Richard Vallance, UVG Managing Director.

Continuing with our footprint, some of you may be interested to know our exports have reached as far as Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and South Africa. It appears our brand value is well and truly out there.

UV Myths

We found an interesting publication on the myths of UV disinfection. See what you think of these myths, and if you have any feedback, send me an email at Iuke.chamberlain@uvguard.com.au.


  • Requires an excessive amount of energy.
  • Energy costs alone make UV more expensive than chemical disinfection.


  • Mercury in UV lamps presents a hazard to end users.
  • Emissions from UV lamps will cause algae growth.


  • Lamps always burn out and require frequentreplacement.
  • Operations staff will spend a significant amount of time maintaining a UV system.
  • Lamp ballasts are unreliable and require frequent replacement.


  • Cannot be cost effectively used for 4-log virus inactivation.
  • Not financially viable where chlorine dosing is already in place.
  • Microorganisms can "re-activate" following UV treatment.

Click here for more information on the publication

Final Thought

We are working with our manufacturer on a new range of chambers, specific to the needs of our customers. Stay tuned for further updates late March.

If we can assist you in any way please contact us at sales@uvguard.com.au

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