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Hi and welcome to the March edition of UV-Guard Australia's company newsletter. This month's edition focuses on the risks associated with warm water systems.

Warm Water Systems

Warm water systems are used within aged care facilities, hospitals and other high risk buildings to distribute water to showers and hand basins.

The environmental conditions within warm water systems are ideal for Legionella bacteria to thrive. Low concentrations of Legionella are commonly found in drinking water supplies, and these multiply quickly within warm water infrastructure if risk mitigation strategies are not undertaken.

A Legionnaires disease outbreak is likely if humans come into contact with the bacteria. A warm water system with no disinfection safeguard would have catastrophic consequences.

Each Australian state has different regulations relating to how the Legionella risk must be controlled.

An established and cost effective method is to install a UV disinfection system on either or both the warm water outlet or return line of the water heater. This is shown in the following schematic.


To reduce the risk of a Legionella outbreak:
1. Ensure any treatment system, all fittings and thermal mixing valves are maintained to the manufacturers specifications;
2. Establish a regular water quality monitoring programme;
3. Disinfect potential Legionella hot spots including shower heads and taps;
4. Undertake shock disinfection of the complete warm water system.

UV-Guard can provide the following for warm water systems:
• Lamps, Quartz and other spares
• Complete UV disinfection systems - S-Series
• Water quality sampling, testing and management


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