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Welcome to the May edition of UV-Guard Australia's company newsletter. We will be focusing on UV disinfection in the brewing industry along with a new capability of ours for our remote customers.

UV disinfection in brewing

Beer production, like all food and beverage processes demands a high level of care to avoid microbial contamination.

Operators need to initiate safety measures so that potential spoilage microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and mould spores are controlled. Risk has increased in the last decade as a result of customer demand for decreased usage of chemical additives and preservatives.

The implications of biological contamination are costly in a monetary sense but more importantly, brand image could be jeopardised.

The chemical free demand from the customer has seen operators seek disinfection techniques that are also chemical free, such as the use of UV.

UV disinfection advantages

  • Chemical free and by-product free - no impact on pH, flavour, aroma and colour
  • Effective against all spoilage microorganisms
  • Versatile – can be used at a number of stages within the production process

UV applications in brewing industries

  • Bottle rinsing and packaging
  • Storage tank headspace
  • Inlet and outlet connections from storage tanks and other treatment processes
  • Direct contact with ingredient fluids
  • Yeast preparation

UV-Guard has a vast amount of experience in the food and beverage industry. You can see some of our customers listed here.

UV disinfection for our off the grid customers

Last month we introduced our new PLC power supply box. The standard model will be available to the market from next week with the more sophisticated, UV intensity monitoring version available shortly after.

Another feature we have integrated into the controller is to enable it to operate on 12V and 24V DC power supplies.

This feature has been added after receiving a number of enquiries from solar power building operators and other customers who require UV disinfection but are off the grid. We have also heard from customers who require mobile UV disinfection for commercial and domestic applications.

The 12V and 24V DC PLC controller will be able to control our UV systems up to a power of 40W. This means that recommended UV dose rates can be provided at flows of up to 60lpm by using our SLF, SLT and S-Series of systems. It will also be able to control our headspace disinfection systems, the T-series.

We see this as the ideal disinfection solution for drinking water provision and commercial applications for our off the grid customers.

Contact us today for feedback, water treatment advice and product enquiries.

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