Disinfecting Water:
UV-Guard’s Sustainable Solution for Safe Water Purification

UV-Guard are specialists in Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection. UV-Guard designs, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of UV water purification equipment, as well as spare parts for all major UV brands.

Advantages of UV Water Treatment

UV-Guard’s UV water disinfection systems can be used in any application where disinfection is required, from wastewater treatment plants to ultra pure water processes. No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV – even the chlorine resistant Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Economical and efficient, UV water disinfection is chemical free, with no impact on taste and no corrosion problems.

UV-Guard’s water disinfection systems are performance proven and flexible across a range of uses. Each system is designed by qualified engineers according to the application and project requirements. UV-Guard provides an unmatched level of customer service and technical support for the life of its products, from pre-design consulting to system operation.

The UV-Guard Advantages

UV-Guard prides itself on being an industry leader. See what makes our company different from any other in the market.

WaterMark Certified UV Systems

Provides its own quality assurance, validating our systems safe for use and in accordance with The Plumbing Code of Australia.

Unmatched Customer Service

Integrity is at the heart of every decision we make and the service we provide to our customers. This, along with our efficient customer response rate contributes towards a superior customer experience.

UV Transmittance (UVT) Testing

Conducted at our in-house laboratory. UVT is one of the most important factors when specifying the correct UV disinfection system. We offer this service to be certain that calculated desktop UV outputs will be replicated on site.

Quality Spare Parts

For all UV brands and models of closed reactor and municipal channel systems. Our experienced sales team and global supplier relationships ensure that the correct parts are supplied at the best price.

Qualified Water Treatment Engineers

We work with our customers to develop an understanding of the requirements for each project. Systems specified according to the application, UV dose required to achieve desired microbial reduction and individual project needs.


Experienced Technical Support

Technical support provided for the life of your product. We take pride in looking after our customers and strive to ensure that optimal system performance is achieved out in the field.

Our Customers

UV water purification can be used in any application where disinfection is required. UV-Guard have and continue to provide complete UV water disinfection solutions to the following applications:

We work with customers like:

Coca Cola, Reece, 3M, Veolia, Schweppes, Nestle, Blackwoods, CSIRO, MTC Gas Services, Grundfos Pumps, MM Electrical, NSW Health, Department of Primary Industries (DPI) NSW, Cape Flattery Silica Mines, Integra Water Treatment Solutions and more.

Product range

UV-Guard UV Disinfection Systems

UV-Guard’s own UV disinfection systems provide disinfection for applications with flow rates up to 500m3/hr and beyond. We have a vast range of customisable models which means we have solutions from under sink and whole of house drinking water treatment, to large scale industrial process and municipal water treatment.

UV-Guard is proud that the WaterMark Certification Scheme has accredited our products. The WaterMark certification brings with it its own assurance that our products are safe for use and in accordance with The Plumbing Code of Australia.

UV-Guard Spare Parts

We supply an extensive range of consumables and replacement parts to suit all brands of closed reactor and municipal channel UV water disinfection systems.

We stock UV lamps, quartz thimbles & sleeves, UV intensity sensors & monitors, electronic ballasts and miscellaneous items for all UV disinfection models by Trojan, Wedeco, Atlantic, Heraeus, Hanovia, UV Pure, UVTA, Sterilight, Radfire, Davey, Steriflo, UViFLO, Aquafides, Katadyn, Bewades BWT, Wyckomar, Aquafine, Sanitron and more.

Our qualified sales engineers ensure that the right product is provided first time with same day despatch. All of our spare parts are factory tested before being supplied and boast a consistent record of results in different applications. Our long standing global supplier relationships mean we supply products at the best price.


UV-Guard is an Australia and New Zealand distributor of Aquafides validated UV systems. These units have been validated according to European validation protocols – DVGW in Germany, ÖNORM M5873-1C in Austria and Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association (SVGW) certification.

ZED Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH

ZED are a supplier to UV-Guard of next generation accessories for UV systems including UV intensity monitoring equipment, electronic ballasts, sensors and more.

Other Partnerships

UV-Guard’s reputation in the industry has allowed us to develop key relationships with international UV companies. This means that we can also offer USEPA validated UV systems from Trojan, Hanovia, Berson, atg and more.