Davey Steriflo UV Spare Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves

Brand Model UV Lamp Quartz Sleeve or Thimble O-Ring
Davey Steriflo, Microlene ASC11 402067 402066 S24X3N70
Davey Steriflo, Microlene UV23 S463RL QS463 32822
Davey Steriflo, Microlene Aquashield Centurion ASC50, UV50, KUV50, Aquashield Max UV Pressurised System ASHS60-08T, ASHS60-10T, ASHS60-08RB, ASHM60-10RB GPH550N2/W TT600 S24X3N70
Davey Steriflo, Microlene Aquashield Centurion, ASC70, UV70, KUV70 GPH550N2/W TT600 S24X3N70
Davey Steriflo, Microlene SF300, SF369 GPH369N/S QS450 S24X3N70
Davey Steriflo, Microlene SF800, SF900, SF940, UV40-20, UV75-25 GPH840N/S QS834 S24x3N70
Davey Steriflo, Microlene UV130-40, SF1000, SF2500, UV130, KUV130, UV250 GPH840N2/S QS880 S24x3N70
Davey Steriflo ACX2 GIA840NW TT900 S24X3S70
Davey Steriflo ALX2/6, ALX2/8, ALX4/6, ALX4/8, ALX6/10, ALX8/10, ALX8/12, ALX10/12 GIA1554NW TT1575 S24X3S70

UV-Guard supply *Davey Steriflo UV replacement UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, o-ring seals, UV intensity sensors, quartz wiper components and many other UV disinfection system spare parts. We can support the small Davey Steriflo systems such as the UV50 and the larger commercial UV disinfection systems such as the Davey Steriflo ALX series.

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*The Davey Steriflo UV trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners and although we refer to them and their models, UV-Guard are in no way endorsed by or associated with these companies.

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