P-Series – UV Water Disinfection for Aquaculture applications
up to 750m3/hr.

The P-Series is a durable and versatile UV disinfection system for saline waters, thermal fluids and corrosive liquids. It can provide reliable disinfection and pathogen protection in small and large saltwater aquaculture or corrosive fluid applications.


  • Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean Farms – improve quality and increase production yields of salmon, bass, abalone, oyster, prawn, mussels, shrimp and any other aquaculture stock whilst protecting against species specific diseases in the grow out stage of farming.
  • Hatcheries – safeguard broodstock, hatching fish, larvae and fry by using non-chemical pathogen protection methods at this highly sensitive and critical farming stage.
  • Marine Well Boats – protect fish stocks during transportation to and from onshore and offshore aquaculture farming facilities.
  • Aquaria & Zoos – ensure life support systems (LSS) allow fish and other water using animals to thrive in their environments, whilst allowing them to be appreciated by attraction visitors.
  • Display Fountains & Water Features – improve appearance and safety by controlling harmful bacteria in environments where humans are at risk of direct water contact and droplet inhalation.
  • Thermal Springs, Swimming Pools & Spas – inactivate and destroy deadly human pathogens in these heated environments where microorganisms thrive.
  • Any other brackish, seawater or corrosive liquid application where disinfection is required.

Standard Features

  • Durable, corrosion and electrolysis resistant – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) UV reactor.
  • PVC Union and Table E Flanged inlet and outlet connections – for ease of connection to plumbing infrastructure.
  • Lamp fail alarm – alerts user and prevents untreated water from being used.
  • Digital lamp life timer – alerts maintenance staff prior to UV lamp reaching it’s designed end of germicidal operational life.
  • Fan cooled, thermally stable electronic ballasts precisely matched to the UV lamp electrical specifications – provides optimal UV output and lamp life.
  • Innovative high output, low pressure UV lamps – target UV dose is maintained throughout lamp life.
  • Pure fused silica quartz sleeves – for optimal UV output penetration through the liquid.
  • View port located on the side of reactor – user can visually see if the UV lamp is operating or can be integrated into UV intensity monitoring option.


  • No harmful by-products – chemical free, environmentally and human friendly.
  • No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV – even the chlorine resistant Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Minimise antibiotic use in fish farms – save costs.
  • Enable the safe increase of fish densities – mitigate the greater risk of contamination.
  • Maximise yields in existing fish farm infrastructures – easily retrofitted with a quick return on investment.
  • Improve aquaculture production stability – control fluctuating micro-biological conditions.
  • Proven performance and flexibility – can be used to disinfect total inflow, recirculation flow and effluent to and from tanks, display fountains, water features, thermal springs, swimming pools and spas.


    • Digital indoor controller – lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer and volt free alarm contacts.
    • Weatherproof PLC – IP54 & IP65 rated, lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer, volt free alarm contacts and more.
    • UV intensity monitoring – real time monitoring to alert when design UV intensity is not being achieved. Output available to alert BMS of low UV intensity or to display actual UV intensity on remote device (Weatherproof PLC only).
    • Interlocking UV lamp device – UV lamp cannot be in operation unless fully sealed within the UV reactor improving safety and eliminating UV exposure to users.
    • High water temperature shutdown – temperate within the UV reactor is measured and the system is turned off in the event on water temperatures reaching unsafe levels in order to protect the reactor and lamp from damage (Weatherproof PLC only).
    • Remote controllable – system can be controlled by external device (Weatherproof PLC only).
    • Personalised software – Company name can be displayed on system start-up and designated service phone number can be displayed during system faults (Weatherproof PLC only).
    • Customisable – Weatherproof PLC features and options can be custom made to suit customer requirements and project specifications not listed above.


*Flow rates calculated using ‘UVCalc®’ software and are based on a UV Transmittance (UVT) of 95%. UV dose values stated are achieved at the end of lamp life.