S-Series – UV Water Disinfection for Industrial and Commercial uses up to 50m3/hr.

The WaterMark certified S-Series is a robust and dependable UV water disinfection system. With 16 models in the range and a number of customisable features, the S-Series is an extremely versatile system.


  • Drinking Water – protect remote communities, mining camps, apartment residents, employees, customers and more.
  • Waste Water – disinfect wastewater to allow it to be recycled or safely discharged to the environment.
  • Process Water – protect RO & UF membranes, media filters and other water treatment processes from microbial colonisation.
  • Aquaculture – safeguard fish farms and hatcheries from disease.
  • Swimming Pools – eradicate bacteria and viruses, reduce chlorine use by up to 90%, break down chloramines and create a healthier environment for users.
  • Display Fountains – improve appearance and safety by controlling algae growth and destroying harmful bacteria.
  • Stormwater – enable the safe re-use of captured stormwater.
  • Irrigation Water – remove crop pathogens and ensure playing fields are safe for human contact.
  • Warm Water / Hot Water – control Legionella in nursing homes and other communal facilities.
  • Food & Beverage – produce a microbial free product without adding chemicals and impacting on taste or odour.
  • Medical – UV disinfection for hospital departments such as Renal and Pathology units.
  • Pharmaceutical – ensure water is ultra-pure for processes and products.
  • Any other application where water disinfection is required.

Standard Features

  • Systems accredited by the WaterMark certification scheme – guaranteeing quality and fit for purpose.
  • High quality 316 grade stainless steel reactor – ensures longevity of the system.
  • BSP threaded connections in a number of inlet/outlet location choices – for ease of connection to plumbing infrastructure.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel brackets – system permanently mounted securely.
  • Lamp fail alarm – alerts user and prevents untreated water from being consumed.
  • Innovative high output, low pressure UV lamps – target UV dose is maintained throughout lamp life.
  • Pure fused quartz sleeves – allows optimum penetration of UV light through to the water.
  • Lamps parallel to water flow – water disinfected from chamber entry point to exit.
  • View port located on the side of reactor – user can visually see if the UV lamp is operating.


  • No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV – even the chlorine resistant Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Economical and efficient operation – disinfecting at the point of use, no contact time required.
  • No harmful by-products – chemical free, no impact on taste or colour and no corrosion problems.
  • No risk of overdosing – reducing the risks associated with chemical overdosing.
  • Easy maintenance – lamp can be replaced easily without interrupting water flow.
  • Proven performance and flexibility – system designed according to application and project requirements.
  • Peace of mind – controllers show when lamp is in operation and audibly alerts any fault.


  • Basic indoor controller – lamp on/off LEDs and lamp fail alarm.
  • Digital indoor controller – lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer and volt free alarm contacts.
  • Weatherproof PLC – IP54 & IP65 rated, lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer, volt free alarm contacts and more.
  • UV intensity monitoring – real time monitoring to alert when design UV intensity is not being achieved. Output available to alert BMS of low UV intensity or to display actual UV intensity on remote device (Weatherproof PLC only).
  • Industrial and Basic Thermal Relief Valves – ensures UV lamp remains at optimal UV output temperature and protects lamp from overheating.

    Basic Thermal Relief Valve – 316 stainless steel female bsp automatic thermal relief valve.
    Temperature Management Valve
    Industrial Thermal Relief – Reactor temperature measured by thermostat and solenoid valve controlled (Weatherproof PLC only).

  • Interlocking UV lamp device – UV lamp cannot be in operation unless fully sealed within the UV reactor improving safety and eliminating UV exposure to users.
  • Remote controllable – system can be controlled by external device (Weatherproof PLC only).
  • Personalised software – Company name can be displayed on system start-up and designated service phone number can be displayed during system faults (Weatherproof PLC only).
  • Customisable – Weatherproof PLC features and options can be custom made to suit project requirements not listed above.


ModelFlow rate per
UV Dose figure*
Flow rate per
UV Dose figure*
ConnectionLamp Power (W)Dimensions (cm)
UVG S201 m3/hr1.3 m3/hr¾” male BSP2032l x 6.2w
UVG S301.5 m3/hr2.0 m3/hr¾”, 1” male BSP3059l x 6.2w
UVG S40-622.1 m3/hr2.8 m3/hr1” male BSP4097l x 6.2w
UVG S40-762.7 m3/hr3.6 m3/hr1”, 1½” male BSP4097l x 7.6w
UVG S553.6 m3/hr4.2 m3/hr1” male BSP5559l x 10w
UVG S755.4 m3/hr7.2 m3/hr1”, 1½” male BSP8097l x 7.6w
UVG S805.2 m3/hr6.9 m3/hr2” male BSP8097l x 7.6w
UVG S80-1007.1 m3/hr9.4 m3/hr2” male BSP8097l x 10w
UVG S1258.2 m3/hr11.0 m3/hr2” male BSP12597l x 7.6w
UVG S17211.2 m3/hr14.9 m3/hr2” male BSP17297l x 7.6w
UVG S125-10011.2 m3/hr15.0 m3/hr2” male BSP12597l x 10w
UVG S16012.2 m3/hr16.2 m3/hr2” male BSP160128l x 7.6w
UVG S172-10014.9 m3/hr19.9 m3/hr2” male BSP17297l x 10w
UVG S24515.8 m3/hr21.1 m3/hr2” male BSP245128l x 7.6w
UVG S160-10016.3 m3/hr21.7 m3/hr2” male BSP, 3” Table E Flange160128l x 10w
UVG S245-10021.5 m3/hr28.7 m3/hr2” male BSP 3” Table E Flange245128l x 10w
UVG S44033.2 m3/hr44.2 m3/hr3” Table E Flange440154l x 10w

*Flow rates calculated using ‘UVCalc®’ software and are based on a UV transmittance (UVT) of 85% and a UV dose at the end of lamp life.