SLT-Series – UV Water Disinfection for the Home

The SLT-Series is a cost effective and high performing UV water disinfection system. With 8 models in the range and options to allow indoor and outdoor installation, the SLT-Series is ideal for under sink, whole of house, swimming pool and pond clarification uses.


  • Drinking Water Disinfection – under the sink drinking water disinfection, safeguard your drinking water supplies from pathogens and disease.
  • Whole of House Water Disinfection – ensure that your potable water supply is free from E.coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Pond Clarification – protect your fish from disease, prevent algae growth and keep your pond crystal clear all year around.
  • Swimming Pool Treatment – destroy bacteria and viruses, eliminate algae, reduce Chlorine use by 90% and create a safer environment for your family.
  • Any other application where water disinfection is required.


  • No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV – even the chlorine resistant Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Economical and efficient operation – disinfecting at the point of use, no contact time required.
  • No harmful by-products – chemical free, no impact on taste and no corrosion problems.
  • No risk of overdosing – reducing the risks associated with chemical overdosing.
  • Easy maintenance – lamp can be replaced easily without interrupting water flow.
  • Proven performance and flexibility – system designed according to application and project requirements.
  • Peace of mind – power supplies show when lamp is in operation and audibly alerts any faults.

Standard Features

  • High quality 316 grade stainless steel reactor – ensures longevity of the system.
  • BSP threaded connections on same side – for ease of connection to plumbing infrastructure.
  • Easy to install brackets – chambers securely snap into position.
  • Lamp fail alarm – alerts user and prevents untreated water from being consumed.
  • Innovative high output, low pressure UV lamps – target UV dose is maintained throughout lamp life.
  • Pure fused quartz sleeves – allows optimum penetration of UV light through to the water.
  • Lamps parallel to water flow – water disinfected from chamber entry point to exit.


  • Basic indoor controller – lamp on/off LEDs and lamp fail alarm.
  • Digital indoor controller – lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer and volt free alarm contacts.
  • Weatherproof PLC – IP65 rated, lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm, digital lamp life timer, volt free alarm contacts and more.
  • Thermal Relief Valves – ensures UV lamp remains at optimal UV output temperature and protects lamp from overheating.
    Temperature Management Valve
  • Interlocking UV lamp device – UV lamp cannot be in operation unless fully sealed within the UV reactor improving safety and eliminating UV exposure to users.


ModelFlow rate per
UV Dose figure**
Flow rate per
UV Dose figure**
ConnectionLamp Power (W)Dimensions (cm)
UVG SLT15 lpm6 lpm¼” male BSP1028l x 5.1w
UVG SLT29 lpm12 lpm¼” male BSP1439l x 6.3w
UVG SLT3025 lpm34 lpm¾” male BSP3060l x 6.3w
UVG SLT4035 lpm46 lpm1” male BSP4099l x 6.3w
UVG SLT7570 lpm 92 lpm1” male BSP8099l x 6.3w
UVG SLT80106 lpm 141 lpm2” male BSP8099l x 9w
UVG SLT125160 lpm 212 lpm2” male BSP12799l x 9w
UVG SLT172216 lpm288 lpm2” male BSP17299l x 9w

*SLT1 and SLT2 chambers are made from 304 stainless steel. **Flow rates calculated using ‘UVCalc®’ software and are based on a UV Transmittance (UVT) of 85% and a UV dose at the end of lamp life.