UV Water Treatment for Food & Beverage Applications

UV-Guard UV water purification systems are an ideal solution for water and liquid disinfection in the demanding food and beverage industry. We understand the constant pressure to consistently produce high quality and safe product.

A biological contamination in any food and beverage production processes would have negative consequences and could result in wastage, product recalls, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory fines. We have the solutions to ensure that this is avoided.

UV-Guard provides solutions to deactivate and destroy specific microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, spores, yeast, moulds and algae in the following industries:

  • Bottled Water, Soft Drink, Sugar Syrup (Liquid Sugar) and Juices
  • Breweries
  • Dairy
  • Wineries
  • Food Processing
  • Meat and Poultry

Our UV disinfection systems can be used in any production process where there is a need for clean, microbial free and safe water. Processes and applications include:

  • Bottle rinsing
  • Storage tank headspace
  • Inlet and outlet connections to and from storage tanks and other treatment processes
  • Direct contact with ingredient fluids
  • Cooling fluids
  • Yeast preparation

UV-Guard have specific UV disinfection systems for specialist disinfection of sugar syrups and liquid sugar. Sugar syrups and liquid sugars are viscous liquids and have very low UV Transmittance (UVT). Microorganisms cannot reproduce within sugar syrups and liquid sugar but they can survive in spore form. If not controlled, these can reproduce at later stages of the production process where dilution takes place.

Case Studies

September 22, 2015

Tropical Ice – process water UV disinfection for ice manufacturing

Tropical Ice are an ice producer who supply over 110 tonnes of ice to their customers each day. Tropical Ice is one of the largest producers of high quality, food-grade ice in Australia. The water they use must meet all required Australian health regulations.
September 22, 2015

Nu-Pure Beverages – spring water process UV disinfection for bottled water

Nu-Pure Beverages are a 100% Australian owned business who produce bottled spring water and other beverages. Their spring water is sourced from specially selected pristine Australian springs, pure with a natural balance of minerals.
September 22, 2015

Coca Cola – Sugar syrup (liquid sugar) UV treatment

Coca Cola is a major manufacturer of beverages including soft drinks, bottled water, sports drinks and fruit juices. Coca Cola in Richlands Queensland was installing a new production line which required Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for the sugar syrup application. The UV system on the existing production line also required an upgrade.