UV Water Treatment for Residential Applications

Drinking water

UV-Guard’s home UV water treatment solutions ensure that your home’s drinking water is pure and safe. Our home water systems provide protection to the whole family by destroying harmful bacteria and pathogens. We have systems small enough for under sink applications to systems able to treat whole of house supplies. Our systems can be used to enable the safe consumption of water from a number of sources including rainwater, bore water, river water and dam water.

Swimming Pools

We design home swimming pool UV disinfection systems to dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine required. In fact, chlorine levels can be reduced by as much as 90%, to as low as drinking water supplies, creating a safer environment for children and family members. Our swimming pool UV systems provide protection against all microorganisms, even the chlorine-resistant Guardia and Cryptosporidium, whilst keeping your swimming pool crystal clear.

When your pool isn’t treated properly, it can result in a rapid growth of algae; plant-like organisms that can soon cover much of the surface of your pool. Growing well in warm conditions, the algae will be particularly problematic in sheltered areas or corners. This can cause many problems, including foul odours, layers of grime, and discolouration of the water. It can also pose health risks, not to mention being inconvenient if you have to swim through it every time you use your pool. Our UV pool sanitizers can be used to remove algae from your pool, together with a host of pathogens. This has numerous benefits from both safety and aesthetics perspectives.

Ornamental and Koi Ponds

The quality of the water within ornamental or koi ponds impacts fish health and pond appearance. Potential fish microbial pathogens need to be controlled, and home UV sterilizers are ideal for this purpose. Our pond clarifiers work in two ways; they control and remove algae, whilst also providing disinfection to protect your fish from deadly pathogens. By using a UV-Guard pond clarifier, your pond will be crystal clear, all year round.