Home Water Treatment

While there are many commercial applications for UV sterilization, it’s also suitable for a range of uses around the house. We boast a large selection of expertly-made residential water purification systems, so whatever you need we’re sure you’ll find something to suit.

UV home water treatment is a cost-effective, and labour-efficient method of ensuring safe, clean water. Unlike chemical methods such as chlorination, UV light is a completely safe and environmentally-friendly option, and it doesn’t require specially-trained personnel either to operate. It’s also a lot more cost-effective over the long run.

Whether you want your system installed under the sink to purify your drinking water, or you need to keep your swimming pool clear of harmful microorganisms, we have a product that can do so. Take a look at our two different residential water treatment series, with several models available for each.


UV Water Disinfection for Homes
The SLT-Series is a cost effective and high performing UV water disinfection system. With 8 models in the range and options to allow indoor and outdoor installation, the SLT-Series is ideal for under sink, whole of house, swimming pool and pond clarification uses. Read More >


Combined Filtration and UV Water Disinfection for the Home
The SLF-Series is a combined filtration and UV water disinfection treatment system able to remove impurities and safeguard your tank water supplies against E.Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia just to name a few. Read More >


UV-Guard’s unique WaterMark certified hard water conditioner (HWC) – the sustainable alternative to a conventional water softener. Read More >