Welcome to the February edition of the UVG Newsletter. Read about UV-Guard's ISO9001 and AS/NZS4801 certification and a recent hospital project. We also discuss the correct terminology when referring to germicidal UV treatment.


UV-Guard – Now certified to ISO9001 & AS/NZS4801

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved ISO9001 and AS/NZS4801 certifications.

The ISO9001 quality management certification acknowledges a range of customer experience, process efficiencies and management attributes while the AS/NZS4801 standard recognises superior occupational health and safety practices.


Hospital tank pathogen control utilising the UVG T-Series

We were recently asked to undertake a site inspection at a local hospital after water quality reports had highlighted a number of potential risks.

The main area of concern was a hot water system copper feeder tank located on the roof. Due to being located on the roof and directly exposed to the sun, the tank was heating during the day. This resulted in the evaporation of chlorine leaving the water unprotected from micro-organisms. The chlorine free warm water created an ideal habitat for bacteria to thrive.

The UVG T-Series was recommended to provide disinfection within the tank. It was the ideal solution based on the tank dimensions and existing plumbing infrastructure.

The UVG T20 system was selected. Key to this choice was the ability of it to be operated by our solar powered weatherproof PLC. There was no power connection located at the tank location and so providing a solar powered system saved the hospital electrical installation fees whilst also being the more environmentally friendly option.

The T-Series can be used in a number of applications where liquids are stored in tanks. Their primary purpose is to provide disinfection to the air located above stored liquids and products but in some scenarios they can also be used for direct liquid disinfection.

Download the UVG T-Series brochure here.


UV Disinfection or UV Sterilisation?

We are seeing more and more of the word sterilisation (or sterilization in the US) being used when referring to the use of germicidal (UVC) Ultraviolet light in water treatment, but is referring to UV Disinfection systems as UV Sterilisers correct?

Sterilisation is defined as the destruction of all micro-organisms. UVC light provides percentage microbial reduction or disinfection. For example, a certain UV dose will provide a 99.9% reduction in a particular bacteria, this is not sterilisation.

With this in mind, UV-Guard's opinion is that water treatment systems using UVC light should be referred to as UV Disinfection systems and not UV Sterilisers.


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