UVG HWC-Series – Conditions hard water to remove scaling

What is hard water?

Water hardness is most commonly caused by dissolved Calcium and Magnesium minerals. High concentrations lead to limescale problems with scale deposits forming wherever hard water flows or is used. Hard water scaling is an issue as it can cause quartz thimble/sleeve fouling in UV systems, blocks in pipes, premature appliance or industrial equipment failures, scum rings in swimming pools and baths, heating element deterioration and many other problems.

The UVG HWC-Series

Unlike conventional water softeners, the HWC-Series produces soft water whilst requiring:

  • No electricity
  • No salts
  • No resins
  • No magnets
  • No backwashing
  • No maintenance


  • Pre-treatment to protect other water treatment processes – improve UV disinfection performance by preventing scaling on quartz thimbles/sleeves, prolong RO membrane life
  • Bore water treatment for irrigation and drinking water – remove hardness to maintain pipe and irrigation sprinkler performance
  • Commercial appliances – prolong the life of hot and warm water systems, heat exchanges, thermostatic mixing valves, dishwashers, instant boilers, washing machines, commercial coffee machines, air conditioners and more, whilst cleaning and removing existing scale build-up
  • Cooling towers – prevent scaling, biofilms and dissolve existing scale
  • Mining and industrial equipment – increase life of components and fittings (o-rings, box seals) whilst reducing maintenance – drilling machines, mining drill rigs
  • Swimming pools – reduce chemicals required, remove scale build up on pool walls, increase life of pool pumps, reduce backwashing

How it works

  1. Hard water enters the HWC.
  2. Water is exposed to the internal surface of the HWC. The integral hydraulic design combined with the chemically-specific material of the conditioner activates an electro-chemical reaction.
  3. The minerals within the hard water begin to lose their scale producing properties due to changes in their molecular arrangement.
  4. ‘Hard’ minerals are changed from large molecules to inactive microscopic particles, which flow freely, unable to stick to surfaces and cause scaling.


  • Installed inline within pipework – small footprint, no tanks required
  • 24/7 operation – no backwashing or resin regeneration to interrupt treatment process
  • No added salt (sodium chloride) or other chemicals (potassium chloride) – no health concerns or environmental damage due to high salt water content (brine)
  • Nothing is removed from water – vital minerals for human health are maintained unlike with RO systems
  • Maintenance and power free – no operational costs
  • Multiple models to suit specific hard water conditioning needs and existing pipework size
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Model Application / Average Flow Rate Inlet / Outlet Connections Material
UVG HWC-0.3 5 Lpm 1/2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-0.4 7 Lpm 1/2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-0.5 9 Lpm 1/2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-0.7 12 Lpm 1/2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-1 18 Lpm 3/4″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-1P 18 Lpm 3/4″ BSP PVC Pressure Fitting PVC
UVG HWC-2 34 Lpm 3/4″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-2P 34 Lpm 3/4″ BSP PVC Pressure Fitting PVC
UVG HWC-3 56 Lpm 1″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-3P 56 Lpm 3/4″ BSP PVC Pressure Fitting PVC
UVG HWC-6 100 Lpm 2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-13 220 Lpm 2″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-20 335 Lpm 2 1/2″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-30 500 Lpm 3″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-54 900 Lpm 4″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-96 1600 Lpm 4 1/2″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-170 2840 Lpm 5″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-240 4000 Lpm 6″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-324 5400 Lpm 8″ Table E Flange 316 SS
UVG HWC-420 7000 Lpm 10″ Table E Flange 316 SS
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